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my left nippy is very shy today


if you’re angry at vegans for being “close minded” and “forceful” maybe it’s because you KNOW they’re right and you’re projecting? a lot of you just don’t want to face that much guilt, or change your life so radically. we as humans never seem to WANT to do what’s best for us and our fellow beings.

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repeat after me: 

  • virginity is a social construct 
  • you don’t lose your virginity 
  • there’s nothing valuable or precious about virginity, it’s an imaginary concept 
  • virginity is inherently heterocentric 
  • your worth is not defined by whether or not you’ve had a dick inside you
  • what you define as sex is up to you, you get to decide how many people you’ve had sex with 
  • the end 

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my lydia tattoo the day i got it


"im not a feminist"


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fiy I have blonde hair and I feel hot af


here’s a dating tip
if your partner suffers social anxiety or is an introvert, do not force them to go out on a date or hang out with you. more than likely, being alone relaxes their anxiety and recharges their energy. so respect that. and don’t bug them about it or take it personally. you’ll make their anxiety worse or just end up making them feel guilty as shit.
this goes for friends too. don’t do that to your friends.

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I’m a fuck up going nowhere

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