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when your bikini is so small your pubes pop out the top a little

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mucerp asked: i love your nips!! unf

I don’t normally answer my messages but this is so cute it made me smile


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Shout out to thick people posting pictures and feeling sexy I’m 1000% behind you on this

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Anonymous asked: I know u don't like American government, but how do you feel about pokemon?


free healthcare. no prison system 2 speak of bc all crime can be thwarted relatively easily by 10-year-olds. private disputes settled by magical monster battles. what’s not 2 love

my left nippy is very shy today


if you’re angry at vegans for being “close minded” and “forceful” maybe it’s because you KNOW they’re right and you’re projecting? a lot of you just don’t want to face that much guilt, or change your life so radically. we as humans never seem to WANT to do what’s best for us and our fellow beings.

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